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Urban Healing Counseling, PLLC

Meet Dr. Dixon

Learn coping skills, become self-aware & feel better!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, feel Encouraged

Instead of feeling overpowered by stress & anxiety, feel at Peace

Instead of feeling isolated, feel Connected

Instead of feeling fearful, feel Brave

Instead of feeling sad, feel Joyful

Instead of feeling broken, feel Complete

Instead of feeling lost, feel Guided

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Are you ready to let go of the things that are not working for you and create a life you feel good about?


Talk to Our team today.

we help people feel better!




You've been scrolling, reading self-help books, praying, meditating and venting to your family and friends.

You've been the “strong” one, holding it in and together for far too long. It's time to release and make an appointment today.

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