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We offer a confidential, comfortable, non-judgmental, SAFE SPACE!

Fear of the unknown often holds people back from seeking help. Taking the first step by asking for help can feel intimidating, after all you will be talking to a complete stranger. You may feel worried, frustrated, or helpless and might not feel sure whether therapy is right for you.  Let me put you at ease, those feelings are completely normal, and therapy can help.

How to guide For New clients 

Step 1: Review our website & social media sites, think to yourself, does this practice seem like a good fit for me? 


Step 2: Still have questions, we cover frequently asked questions here.  

Step 3:  Complete our New Client Registration Form.

Step 4:  READY TO BOOK! Email us at 



When you become a client of Urban Healing Counseling, PLLC you will have access to our convenient patient portal where you can schedule an appointment, pay for services, and complete paperwork.

We do not have room for minors at this time.

Please note that services are for NC residents only.

We would love to serve you 

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