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Kare Mbumina, LCMHC

Project Manager



Attachment Issues, Negative Self-Talk, Feeling Stuck

A Bit About Me

I view palm trees as symbolic in the nature of personal growth. They’re not like typical woody trees. Do you know they have more in common with grass? That makes it easier for the trunk foundation to move in flexibility when hurricane or tornado storms come. Similarly, when it comes to therapy, it's all about strengthening our foundation–the very thing that keeps us more stable and at bay. So what do you need to make your foundation stronger or flexible? If you need guidance on finding an answer, I’d love to be used as an instrument to help you. Hard seasons may naturally come in life but you being here means there's still hope. After all, with palm trees, their roots learn to grow even stronger when they face heavy storms.

As a therapist, I take heart to the growth and healing of others. I am credentialed as a licensed clinical mental health therapist (LCMHC) with some clinical background in marriage/couples and family. I have years of therapy experience working with children, adolescents and adults. My main approaches in therapy stem from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with an eclectic style of therapies, as I tailor my approaches to best suit your needs. Lastly, I am compassionate in helping those struggling with self-esteem, relationships, family conflict, life transitions, bullying, emotions/vulnerability, depression and anxiety.

Whatever season you are in right now, we are all here to help you and walk with you!

5 Fun Facts About me​

  • Faith centers me

  • I enjoy long distance cycling

  • I am very free spirited

  • My favorite color is blue

  • My snack stash is never low

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