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Stephanie Naylor-Lillard, LCSWA

Project Manager



Supporting Activity Duty, Retired Military Service Members, First responders, Individuals in the Healthcare Industry, Single Parents, Grief and Loss, Moral Injury

A Bit About Me

I enjoy advocating and providing spiritual and therapeutic support to individuals who have experienced loss, feelings of rejection, are highly self-critical, and trying to find meaning in their lives. It is essential to create a safe space for individuals accustomed to metaphorically wearing masks to keep from revealing their internal grief or despair. “The struggle is real!”
You may be on a journey right now, struggling with trauma, grief and loss, moral injury, anxiety, depression, or impotence, and trying to deal with all these feelings on your own. If you are willing, I want to encourage and ask you to take the first step and contact me for an appointment. Therapy is an established archetype that promotes vulnerability and resiliency while assisting individuals in manifesting new value systems and learning techniques that can be effectively used when “life shows up.”
I am an Associate level Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-A) and an Adjunct Chaplain. I have worked in human services for over 15 years. I provide adult psychotherapy in a comfortable office environment and now offer teletherapy (I serve the entire state of North Carolina).

You can heal; make an appointment today.

Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California

5 Fun Facts About me​

  • I like to race cars 

  • Ride motorcycles 

  • Travel to mix martial art fighting event

  • Write inspirational poetry

  • Participate in community service event

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