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Virtual Therapy Dos and Don'ts By Dr. Nicole Johnson, LCSW

So you’re considering virtual therapy. Great move, but first …what is virtual therapy?

Virtual therapy uses video teleconferencing technology to connect clients and therapists.

Virtual Therapy is a convenient treatment option that provides clients with better access to a greater network of therapists licensed to practice across their state.

Virtual therapy isn’t for everyone. For those who choose this medium, check out the suggestions

below to make sure the experience is a great one.

 Complete -- All client registration documents and electronically sign the consent form.

 Check -- For any meeting reminders, needed materials, and information on the

technology to be used at least 24 hours before the meeting.

 Alleviate Noise Feedback -- Put your computer/phone mic on mute when not speaking.

 Eliminate Distractions -- Turn off/mute all smartphones and avoid email and instant

messaging during the meeting. Turn off anything that may serve as a distraction (e.g.

radio, TV).

 Avoid Driving -- Since doing so may limit your attention to either task (i.e. driving or

fully participating in therapy).

 Participate -- In your virtual session in a safe, quiet place alone where you can speak

freely with little to no distractions.

 Document -- Any homework assigned during the session.

 Verbalize -- Any problems (e.g. technical, rapport building in the virtual realm).


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